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A Song For Hillary

To the tune of ABBA’s “The Winner Takes it All

Why don’t you shut it down?
You lost it fair and square.
We’ve seen your misery,
And now you’re history.
You played all your cards;
The Donald played his, too.
Nothing more to say;
No more tricks to play.

The winner takes it all.
The loser’s standing small
Beside his victory.
That’s your destiny.

You lived in that house,
Thinking you belonged there,
Longing to return,
Having punked the Bern,
But we knew you’d be wrong there.
You were such a fool,
Breaking all the rules.

You weren’t asked to dance
When you had every chance.
It’s time for you to know
You should pack up and go.
The winner takes it all.
The loser has to fall.
It’s simple and it’s plain,
But you bitch and you complain.

Your email brouhaha
Was more than just a miscue.
Just hang your head in shame
And own up to the blame.
Somewhere deep inside
You know that we won’t miss you.
Nothing more to say,
Rules must be obeyed.

The voters did decide;
Now kindly step aside.
That river has been crossed.
Why don’t you get lost?
Your chance has come and gone;
Now just leave us alone.
The winner takes it all.
Shut up and take your fall.

Haven’t you run out
Of other folks to blame?
Nothing more to say,
We wish you’d go away.
Let’s make this clear:
You badly lost the game.
Hillary, get thee hence,
And make yourself past tense,
Don’t you see,
The winner takes it all?
The winner takes it all.

So the Donald takes it all;
Losers drink bitter gall.
In a snit, pitch a fit;
Scream “unfair,” we don’t care.
Down your gall, take your fall,
And just go away.

David Martin

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