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Falling to Pieces for Israel

To the tune of “I Fall to Pieces” by Patsy Cline

You fall to pieces
At just the sound of their name.
You fall to pieces;
Now we’ve wised up to their game:

They want us to think that you work for us
Because we wanted you;
Went to the polls for you.
Well we’re sorry we see what you say and do:
They say “boo,” and you fall to pieces.

You fall to pieces.
We see what you’re all about.
You fall to pieces.
You’re only there to sell out.

You know who puts butter upon your bread.
You’ll jump through hoops for it;
If you get out of line just a little bit,
They flash cash and you fall to pieces.
They flash cash and you fall to pieces.

David Martin

Watch Buelahman’s video.

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