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My Party Is Gone

To the tune of “My City Was Gone

I turned on the debate,
But my party is gone.
Nothing for the average man;
Their old patrons they disown.
Peace activism has disappeared.
No warfare interruption.
My party has been torn down,
Wallowing in corruption
What a sight to see! Thanks DNC.

Well, I looked at that debate stage,
But my expectations were gone.
I studied the candidates’ eyes;
There was nobody home.
I felt a deep sadness
For my father’s memory.
They were once his hope,
But they mean nothing to me.
What a sight to see! Thanks DNC.

I wanted to find a favorite,
But no matter how hard I tried,
I could point to a redeeming quality
Only if I lied.
The people of America
Are just warring hyphenations,
Not a united people
With common aspirations.
What a sight to see! Thanks DNC.

David Martin

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