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9/11 Make Believe

(To the tune of “Only Make Believe”)

They used a very devilish plan
Hatched in Afghanistan,
But those who build you can’t deceive.
They know it’s only make believe.

Armed with knives for cutting boxes,
They came like cunning Arab foxes,
And over airplanes took control,
While in our hearts they left a hole.

Perhaps we’ll never know
Who gave the word to go,
But it’s clear to me
And plain as day to see
The tale’s pure make believe.

A key clue of the fake
Is phone calls you can’t make.
They’ve offered me and you
A load that can’t be true.

From who gained you’ll know
Who gave the word to go.
Everyone should see
What’s plain as day to me:
They’ve served up total make believe.

David Martin

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