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It’s “The Science”

To the tune of “That’s Amore

At the W.H.O. where “science” is king
When a virus hits, here’s what they say:

When policy leads to mass misery,
Blame “the science.”
When we can’t see herd immunity,
It’s “the science.”

You can’t take hydroxychloroquine; “doesn’t do a thing,”
And they say they’re not joking.
But they’re surely wrong; the facts are so strong.
Just what are they smoking?

When they say masks do no good, then wear one you should,
It’s “the science.”
When kids in no danger can’t go off to school,
You’re confused.

When folks check in their brains
And show on the press their reliance,
Please excuse me, it’s insanity;
It’s not science.

David Martin

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