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Intimidated Witness Forgives Kenneth Starr

In early April of 2008, the key witness in the Vince Foster death case, Patrick Knowlton, happened to be staying at the same hotel where former Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr was participating in a conference. The following press release resulted from his chance encounter:


April 7, 2008

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Intimidated Witness Forgives Kenneth Starr

By Hugh Turley
April 7, 2008 – Judge Kenneth Starr met with Patrick Knowlton today at the Sheraton Hotel in Boston shortly before Starr was scheduled to speak at a conference on Religiously Affiliated Law Schools.

In 1997, the three-judge panel that appointed Starr ordered him to include evidence submitted by Knowlton’s attorney, John H. Clarke, in his final report on the death of deputy White House counsel Vincent Foster. The 20 pages of evidence, included over Starr’s objections, proved that Foster was murdered and contradicted Starr’s conclusion of “suicide.”

Patrick Knowlton was a witness at Fort Marcy Park where Foster’s body was found. Foster’s car was not at the park, even though Starr claimed Foster drove his car to the park. Brett Kavanaugh, Starr’s deputy, tried to discredit Knowlton before a grand jury. Today, Starr told Knowlton that he still sees Kavanaugh frequently.

Kavanaugh, who has since been made a federal judge by President George Bush, replaced Miguel Rodriguez as Starr’s deputy. Rodriguez had resigned in protest over what he perceived as a cover-up.

Knowlton told Starr he forgave him for the harassment he suffered as a Whitewater grand jury witness. “You and I both know Vincent Foster was murdered and you covered up the murder,” Knowlton told Starr. “God knows the truth, and that is why I pray God will forgive you.”

Judge Starr replied, “Thank you for praying for me, Patrick.”
Photo: Kenneth Starr meets Patrick Knowlton

(end press release)

Turley sent the press release to all the major news media where, of course, it was ignored.

Ken Starr, we might be reminded, is the son of a Church of Christ minister.

Truth is sometimes stranger than fiction.

David Martin


As we all know, after that article was written, Brett Kavanaugh was made a Supreme Court justice. Patrick Knowlton died on April 21, 2021. Kenneth Starr died on September 13, 2022. The news reports on Starr’s death, of which this one is typical, draw heavily on what I call “The Great Monica Lewinsky Misdirection,” which is my review of Kenneth Gormley’s book, referenced in the Yahoo article. For the last word about that distraction from the Vince Foster murder and cover-up, see “Ken Starr’s Contempt for Your Intelligence,” which is my review of Starr’s 2018 book, Contempt: A Memoir of the Clinton Investigation.

In contrast to these observations about Starr, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham strongly eulogized Starr as a man of principle. Starr, after all, was a paid contributor to Fox News. Fellow conservative Dan Bongino, on his nationally syndicated radio show the next day, described Starr as “a man with an impeccable reputation.” For its part, Christopher Ruddy’s Newsmax had the lawyer Alan Dershowitz deliver a glowing eulogy. Understandably, Dershowitz did not remind viewers that he and Starr had been colleagues on Jeffrey Epstein’s legal team.

September 14, 2022

4 Thoughts to “Intimidated Witness Forgives Kenneth Starr”

  1. John Bailey

    If my memory serves me, Starr also covered for some football players at Baylor University who were accused of sex crimes.
    If he was in a movie, he and Bill Barre would play the roles of characters known as “cleaner”
    whose job it is to destroy evidence.
    I question whether lawyers even have a conscience.

    1. I touch on the Baylor scandal in my review of Starr’s book, linked to in the article. Be sure to check it out. Concerning lawyers, you’ve probably heard the jibe that they’ve decided to use them to replace lab rats: They’re more plentiful, you can get attached to a rat, and there are some things that a rat just won’t do.


    SCOTUS Kavanaugh was in on the fix, too. get a copy of the court Vince Foster transcript to see some Greg Louganis quality taking a dive by a State’s prosecutor. How to tell if what you see in the road is a dead lawyer or a dead rat? There will be skid marks before the rat.

    1. See my article, “Christopher Ruddy on Brett Kavanaugh.”

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