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To the tune of “Alfie

What’s it all about, Fauci?
Is it so we’ll all get the jab?

What’s it all about
Once we’ve thought it out, Fauci?
Are we meant to be just your lab rats,
Or are we talking someone’s gold mine?

And if you do not mind, Fauci.
Who told you that science and you were the same?
But at what point were they the same, Fauci,
As you played your off-and-on face-cover game?

As sure as I know there is actual science,
Fauci, I can see that we’re all being played,
And you’ve long since given the game away.

I believe in truth, Fauci.
Without truth we’re just your pawns, Fauci.
Until we see the facts you avoid,
We’re your chumps, Fauci.

If science is to be our mainstay,
Then you will get out of the way, Fauci, oh Fauci.
What’s it all about, Fauci?

David Martin

See also “Tony Fauci.”

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