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To the tune of “Lyin’ Eyes

Trump, we know, was right about the border.
We’re just letting lots of trouble in.
To stem the flow, we have to work much harder.
The issue played a big role in his win.

But he had problems with his Grand Old Party;
Businesses like proles who’ll work for less.
Uncle Sam is not so hale and hearty,
When immigration’s such a sorry mess.

In spite of all the obstacles that faced him,
Trump made some progress with his wall.
With Russiagate, they thought they had disgraced him,
But it took a stolen vote for him to fall.

Now the border’s Bidenized,
And immigrants swarm in like flies.
I, for one, am not surprised
To see our southern border Bidenized.

The Democrats have gone right off the deep end.
More and more they seem to favor crime.
With policies so very hard to dee-fend,
They couldn’t run a radical this time.

They had to turn to Joe in desperation.
It was either him or that old Red.
But slowly we have reached the realization
That we have a head of state whose brain is dead.

Yes, the country’s Bidenized.
Please don’t tell me you’re surprised.
It’s clear we should have realized
That like Ukraine we would be Bidenized.

The Biden record’s surely not a strong one.
His whole family’s long been on the take.
The puppeteers have given us the wrong one,
A poorer choice those folks could hardly make.

You wonder how it ever got this crazy.
You have to turn your thoughts to those who rule.
Did we get tired or did we just get lazy?
For sure they’ve played us all for fools.

My oh my, they sure know how to arrange things.
They’ve set us up so well, so carefully.
We never guessed how thoroughly they’d change things,
So we’re no more the land we used to be.

Now the country’s Bidenized,
And we shouldn’t be surprised.
We have finally realized
The country that we knew is Bidenized.
Clearly for the worse we’re Bidenized.
May God help us all, we’re Bidenized.

See Buelahman’s video version.

David Martin

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