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Aboard a Runaway Train

Guest article by Mark H. Gaffney

I want to tell you about my sit down, yesterday, with Tim Trainer, editorial page editor at the Herald & News. The H&N is the local syndicated paper in the community of Klamath Falls, Oregon, where I live. Like the mass media in general, the H&N has been heavily censoring the news since the start of the pandemic. I wanted to look Tim in the eye as I asked him why he refused to post my letter, submitted last week. The letter was a summary of a just-breaking story, about new data suggesting the m-RNA vaccination program has back-fired. It seems that growing numbers of fully vaccinated people are now becoming ill with Covid.

They are known as breakthrough cases. And they are not supposed to be happening. Didn’t Dr. Fauci tell us the jab confers protection? Yes, he did.

Until last week, breakthrough cases were mostly being reported by countries with higher percentages (80-85%) of fully vaccinated people, such as Israel and Britain. By contrast, the percentage of fully vaccinated people in the US is substantially lower, and ranges between 49-58% depending on whether you count the people who have received only one shot.
Last week, however, Massachusetts reported a spike in breakthrough cases. According to an un-named official, blood work also confirmed higher levels of virus in those cases than among the unvaccinated. The higher blood titers belie the official narrative that unvaccinated people are responsible for the dangerous situation we are in. Not so.

Last week, during an interview hosted by political commentator Steve Bannon, Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of m-RNA technology, explained why the new data is so concerning. The higher titers of virus in the fully vaccinated people indicate that the experimental vaccines may be causing a paradoxical phenomenon known as antibody dependent enhancement (ADE). According to Malone, the higher titers are exactly what one would expect if ADE were happening. He calls this “the worst case scenario, an immunologist’s worst nightmare.” ADE is the proverbial fly in the ointment. It occurs when a vaccine perversely primes the immune system to fail the next time it is exposed to a pathogen.

Here is the riveting interview with Dr Malone.

Last spring, Nobel laureate Luc Montagnier warned that the m-RNA vaccines were already causing ADE. Given that Montagnier is a world authority, his warning should have been front-page headline news. Unfortunately, few Americans know about it because the US media suppressed the interview.

Dr. Malone also explained why the continuing attempts to shame and blame the unvaccinated is just more fear-mongering. The medical establishment is clearly going all out to scare us into taking the shot. But why the rush to “vaccinate” every last American?

Once again, we have been misled.

According to Dr. Malone, the m-RNA vaccines cause the production of very specific antibodies that confer only a narrow range of protection. This is a serious design problem because it encourages the virus to rapidly mutate, and thusly to escape the antibodies. Immunity fails and new variants emerge that can be even more contagious. The key point is that the m-RNA vaccine itself is causing the new variants. Not unvaccinated people.

The narrow range of protection also explains why natural immunity is vastly superior. Conferred by exposure, natural immunity is broad spectrum; hence, it is effective against all of the variants. It also lasts much longer, even perhaps for a lifetime.

By the time the newspaper editor finished his little harangue about why my letter (alleged medical misinformation) would never see print, I knew Trainer was just a cog in the machinery of power. He was following orders that had come down from higher up the food chain. Power is indeed what this pandemic is about. A supranational power play by the global elite is the deeper story, if one has an eye to see it.

Obviously, the misinformation meme is a red herring. Science is a continuing process, and good science requires the free flow of information. Yet, the reality is that cogs like Trainer (in addition to the closure of churches, the ban on free assembly, and the mask policy) have prevented a much needed national conversation about the mess we are in, and who is responsible. Which begs the question: was this the actual objective, in the first place?

Make no mistake, we are deep in it.

If Drs. Montagnier and Malone are correct and ADE is confirmed (word on this should be imminent), the vaccination program will need to be shut down immediately. But without freedom of speech and a real debate, how does a supposedly free society make a course correction, however urgent? Answer: It doesn’t.
This is our dilemma. We are all aboard a runaway train.

Originally posted August 26, 2021

Among Mark H. Gaffney’s books are Black 9/11: Money, Motive and Technology and The 9/11 Mystery Plane: And the Vanishing of America.

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  1. To see the same sort of journalistic corruption on display, please take note of the completely inappropriate interjection of “facts” about Covid-19, taken from the national approved script, in this otherwise factual article about the punishment of NBA great John Stockton for his failure to vaccinate and mask up in this article in The Spokesman-Review of Spokane, WA:

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