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Hate Speech

Instead of the way we all learned it, “BC,”
Ancient times are now to be called “BCE.”
The difference between them is easy to see.
One requires just two letters; the other needs three.

Likewise the period beginning “AD”
Should now be designated “CE.”
What feckless denial and futility!
The timeline still starts with Our Savior, “JC.”

David Martin

3 Thoughts to “Hate Speech”

  1. Farah Buck

    Enjoyed this poem, very clever!
    I don’t think using BC or AD is considered hate speech, is it?
    What about this title: Alphabet PC

    I don’t mind the use of Christian Era, because it seems more of a historical marker rather than a religious one. Can you imagine if we marked time with Before Buddha? I don’t think Christians would like that.

    1. It’s “Common (or Current) Era and “Before Common (or Current) Era. The fact remains, whatever we choose to call it, the dividing line is at the birth of Jesus Christ. To change what we call it amounts to nothing more than a slap in the face of Christians, as I see it.

      1. Scott A Joseph

        Funny how you want to mass murder Jesus’ cousins and family, then.

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