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Waxing Indignant at the ITMS over Merton

“How dare you?” they said.
What else could they say?
The facts of the case
Would not go away.

Thomas Merton was stricken
In late ’68.
To learn all the facts,
We’ve had a long wait.

The man passed away
Quite mysteriously.
A monk said that he shouted
Around 2, no, make that 3.

Another monk claimed he had showered.
He was wet, don’t you see?
But he didn’t write that
Until ’73.

That monk, they would have it,
Was very nearly a saint.
Could one imagine him lying?
They all say, “We can’t.”

So, it’s upon his fine word
That a fan did Tom in,
And the doubters all come
From some big loony bin.

Of whom are we talking
When we use the word “they?”
Checking the links, you needn’t guess.
It’s those at the top of the ITMS.

David Martin

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