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Homage to Forrestal

James Forrestal was a man
Who served this country well.
He wisely sounded warnings
When he saw us bound for hell.

He tried to bring an early end
To the Pacific War.
So the Soviets could not get land
That they’d done nothing for.

But in the end they threw him
In the loony bin.
He had crossed a fatal line
When he took on Palestine.
What happened next you might recall.
He had a 13-story fall
Caused by his mortal sin.

David Martin

2 Thoughts to “Homage to Forrestal”

  1. A reader had difficulty getting his comment to go up, so here it is:

    A good synopsis of James V Forrestal in your “Homage to Forrestal.”
    Unfortunately, the power of the TV reduces us to lazily accepting what is broadcast for news which has more untruths than truths!
    A Fifth Column has ever sought to gain power of money to get its way. Lo and behold, what Forrestal feared has reared its loathsome and most ugly head.
    “Conquered was he and so are we…”

    They do not play
    By rules, we say
    A good and fair day
    Just isn’t their way

    A bulldog enters the ring
    Against moneyed interests “they” bring
    Not an equal fight contesting
    You see justice isn’t their thing

    Faced with insidious powers unknown
    A tribe of intruders have sown
    A division and a re-vision grown
    For a New World Order now known
    Rest in peace, James!
    You saw what few saw
    A “light” put out
    Gathering darkness abounds…

    Pete John Bildstein

    1. Like the poem. I posted one on a similar theme on my web site back in 1998, long before I had begun looking into Forrestal’s death. Here it is:

      Of Swords and Pens

      The pen may be stronger than the sword
      But pens, like guns, can be bought,
      And battles of words, like battles with guns,
      Can be unfairly fought.

      Those who rule know all too well
      The power of the word,
      And so they ration carefully
      The ones that can be heard.

      In our land there’s little chance
      That virtue will prevail
      When “truth” is a consumer good
      And words are all for sale.

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