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2 Thoughts to “Ballsy False Flags”

  1. gordon dempsey

    Today, I am framing in the hip roof of the gazebo, at the USS Liberty memorial park, facing a regional park, Riverside, in Indpls. One garden at a time. Volunteers and money welcome.

  2. Pete Bildstein

    James Forrestal figured it pretty good knowing the stick-togetherness of the Jew. In his day, the truth of those types and their aims which he tried to thwart, could be seen in the underhanded ways that money makes possible.

    Oil was key and its smooth and ready flow to the world economy was something the new state of Israel could impede. More than that, a very small minority in America could conceivably place her in opposition to a people and culture of far greater numbers and importance, Muslims and Islam.

    Forrestal knew an unbalanced influence could bedevil the fair relations so necessary in international affairs!

    Tipping any balance was the infusion of monies that gave rise to policies of deceit, by deceit and finally for deceit.
    Forrestal’s farsightedness allowed him to envision the future that was predicated on this obsequious adherence to a one people’s way.
    Equally, the lessons of history remained foremost in his calculus of humanity’s relative progress.
    Terror events like the Liberty assault and the Twin Towers et al necessarily would never have happened had he won out against such forces.

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