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One Thought to “Rachel Corrie”

  1. Pete Bildstein

    George W Bush was too busy getting ready to unleash war upon a nation with no hidden nukes to let Rachel Corrie’s death interfere.

    It was not even a week after her deliberate killing by an IDF bulldozer operator that Dubya effectively sought to bulldoze through those Middle Eastern nations at odds with Israel.

    More than a can of worms was opened in Iraq with the War on Terror as a lifetime enmity has been engendered for doing the bidding of the false god that is Israel.

    Remember before the outbreak of “Shock and Awe” and how CBS news reporters and other networks interviewed people in Baghdad about a possible war with America? If my memory serves me correctly I seem to recall most of those folks believed that America would never go to that length.
    In particular, I recall the one person who was so sure nothing so ridiculous as that could ever happen. He apparently was in the Baghdad Symphony Orchestra and obviously believed in the beauty of life. Enough disliked Saddam Hussein and hoped only to have him deposed without a full-blown war.

    No one knew the extent to which the NeoCons would go in their plans; perhaps, the whole War on Terror was premised on a Greater Israel rising out of the ruins of the Middle East.

    If Rachel Corrie knew anything she knew that the Israelis in their piecemeal destruction of Palestine and its people knew no bounds in pursuit of greater land masses to call their own.
    Matters not she had a sainted death in a devil’s playground where an aggrieved people sought what was their very own.

    And today, we see a bestial attack upon Gaza and Palestinians that makes you realize the extent a supremacist state like Israel will go.
    Never forget Rachel Corrie…

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