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Settin’ the Town on Fire

To the tune of “Settin’ the Woods on Fire

BLM and masked Antifa,
Soros paid and high on reefers,
With a pass from the Demo creeper,
Tonight, they’re settin’ the town on fire.

With spray paint and fireworks shooting,
Breaking glass and freely looting,
You resist and they’re prosecuting.
Settin’ the town on fire.

Destroying people’s livelihoods, but they’re having fun.
Say they want what’s never worked wherever it’s been done.

Say their names; support them fully,
Or they’ll treat you like a bully;
Urban scenes all wild and wooly.
Settin’ the town on fire.

We can’t get close to one another,
But they’re up one street and down the other.
Social distancing rules? Oh, brother!
Settin’ the town on fire.

Your identity is basic,
Did you know that you’re a racist?
Tear it down and then replace it.
That’s why they’re settin’ the towns on fire.

Democratic governors all look the other way.
Folks just do what they will do when they’re riled up, they say.

It’s not reality; it’s feelings.
That’s why you’ll see ‘em lined up kneeling,
But I don’t find it so appealing,
This settin’ the towns on fire.

David Martin

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